Episode 10 – A Magic Puppy (aka A Halloween Puppy)

Movie Dare is a film podcast that forces hosts Dan Gvozden, Brian J. Roan, and Ben Popik to put aside their preconceptions and their pride by daring them to watch any movie, good or bad, that they might otherwise avoid.

For our tenth episode, Brian, Dan, and Ben are joined by Trevor Williams. Together, they will try to understand what would possess sane people to create a movie like A Magic Puppy, which is also known as A Halloween Puppy.

Listen to the episode below, find it on iTunes, or download the audio here:

Movie Dare – A Magic Puppy

Episode 10 – A Magic Puppy by Moviedare on Mixcloud

Links featured in the episode:

Eric Roberts IMDb Page


Picture of day playing as night







Peter Brady shilling for Bosley

Peter Brady shilling for Bosley








Mic pack








Fly on the Face







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